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£10 for the first year

(£5 joining fee and £5 membership)



Paypal Link


or use form below and return to Foggy's


£5 every April



As a MEMBER, you:


can take advantage of free swimming and Jacuzzi with Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool

have access to our member’s area, which provides free login information for Benefits and Work website and Hydrotherapy login


Foggys INFORMATION  PACK consists of:


Foggys Membership Application and Questionnaire

Foggys Leaflet

Foggys Window Sticker / Bookmark

Foggys Cartridge Recycling Envelope

Our Constitution

Our Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Vulnerable Adults Policy



Paid membership of Foggy’s “Invisible Illness” Support Group (compassionately referred to as Foggy’s) is open to all.


PLEASE NOTE: All membership applications are subject to an initial authentication and then to the authorisation & permission of Foggys Committee, who have the final say.


This policy has been established to ensure the well-being & security of all Foggys members.