I (Deb Cooke) suffered with a number of symptoms for many years, and believed that my medical records had me written up as a Hypochondriac. My symptoms would vary from day to day. One day Id have pain in my right leg for example, and the next day would be my left arm, and ALWAYS my neck hurt.


I finally found a doctor who diagnosed Fibromyalgia. When I read the symptoms for Fibromyalgia, I cried. Here I was written down.


June 2010, I contacted FMA UK to find the nearest support group and was told the nearest was in Calne. I was actually more interested in finding support and information for my then partner, as he found Fibromyalgia harder to live with than I did. I was encouraged and assisted by FMA UK to start the group and Foggys was born, primarily as a Fibromyalgia Support Group.


16th August 2010 ~ I sat nervously, in the small hall of Liden Community Centre, Swindon, hoping someone will turn up to Foggys 1st EVER MEETING !! I can still remember myself saying to my then partner, I hope people turn up. An hour later, nerves gone, as 50ish Fibromyalgia sufferers and loved ones turn up and Foggys was officially born. At one point we thought we'd be out of the door, as we had to keep moving to make room. Sounds scary? that amount of people, no !! it was brilliant. Relaxed atmosphere, few tears, lots of laughs.  To find out I wasn't alone, was amazing.


We try to arrange social events, such as coffee meet ups, a few times a year.  It's lovely to be out with like-minded people, with similar disabilities, and anxieties.


With funding from National Lottery, Community Funds, from 7th July 2014, Foggys (paid) members could take advantage of FREE swim sessions at Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool.

From of 31st July 2017, we were able to increase this to 2 sessions.  Sadly, as of 12th January 2024 due to lack of funding, sessions are suspended.


We tell people who contact us, please try to come to a meeting, you might be shy and/or anxious, but you shouldn't suffer alone !!

.. and we understand.


Thank you to everyone who has passed through, and to those who we still see.


Deb x

(Foggys Founder)